Elegance is a sophisticated metallic-texured clockface that matches the shape of your watch. It can match your identity too: personalise your watch by replacing the 'Elegance' logo with your name!

You can change the colour of the face to match your watch or clothes. Options are silver, rose gold, marina blue, mulberry purple, yellow gold and green.

Elegance can display an activity measure (eg, steps), which you can change by holding a finger on the screen. Activity measures can be given as a percentage of your daily goal.

If the watch’s hands obscure the windows below them, touch the screen to temporarily display the windows on top of the hands.

If you prefer a clean minimalistic look, you can hide the day name and activity measure.

To make the time easy to read even though the clockface isn't round, Elegance's hands change their lengths depending on where they're pointing.

On Versa 2 with FitbitOS 4.1+, Elegance has an 'Always-On Display' mode.

Elegance costs $1 USD + tax.

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What does the heart rate percentage mean?

When you select 'Activity as % of goal', the heart rate value is expressed as a percentage of your maximum heart rate. Information about your maximum heart rate, and how the heart rate percentage relates to the heart-rate zones, is available here.