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LCD HTML Viewer is an applet for the Logitech G19s keyboard (and maybe others). It displays web pages on the keyboard’s LCD. You can use the buttons beside the LCD to scroll around the page.

This applet can be used to view web-based help pages (or walkthroughs or cheats) associated with a program that is running full-screen, such as a game. It can also be used to monitor feeds such as Twitter.


  • On-screen Navigation. The LCD displays a copy of a browser image displayed on your monitor. You can click links on the on-screen browser to navigate to different pages.
  • Web or Local Files. In addition to web pages on the internet, files stored on your own computer can be viewed.
  • Multiple File Types. LCD HTML Viewer can display any file that Internet Explorer can load. With an appropriate plug-in, this includes PDF files.
  • Mobile Device Emulation. The applet can request pages designed for mobile devices, which will generally fit the small LCD better. (This feature can be disabled.)
  • Zoom. The page magnification can be adjusted to fit more on the LCD.


  • LCD Resolution. The LCD’s resolution is 320×240 pixels, which is less than the majority of mobile phones. As such, most web sites will require a lot of scrolling and/or will look cramped and/or will require the use of tiny fonts.
  • No Auto-start. The Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) is not able to automatically start LCD HTML Viewer. The applet must be started from Windows’ Start Menu.
  • Limited Features. LCD HTML Viewer is not a full-blown web browser. For example, it has no toolbar, favourites, or history (yet!).
  • On-screen Window. Inter-page navigation cannot be conducted using the LCD or keyboard alone. However, the on-screen browser window does not need to be topmost; it can be hidden behind other applications.


You accept the risk that G Assignments could break your computer and/or stuff up its software, data, etc.

System Requirements

G Assignments has only been tested on Windows 7 64-bit, English, with Logitech Gaming Software version 8.51.5 running a G19s keyboard. It definitely won’t work on 32-bit systems, nor with B&W LCDs.

Non-English character sets may cause problems, especially if entered into the address box.

The applet uses a Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) component. It may therefore run best if you have a recent version of IE installed. IE8 is known to cause problems; IE11 is known to work.


You must be logged into an account with administrator privileges, or be able to run an installer with administrator privileges, to install LCD HTML Viewer.

Ensure Logitech Gaming Software is installed and running.

Download the installation file (6.2 MB) here:

Find the file you downloaded (“LCD HTML Viewer Setup.msi”) and double-click it.

Follow the installation program’s instructions.

Run LCD HTML Viewer from your Start Menu.

If LCD HTML Viewer doesn’t start automatically, ensure that LCD HTML Viewer is selected in LGS’ list of applets. You may also need to switch to it using your keyboard’s SETTING button.


See the help file.


See the help file.


You can contact Gondwana Software here. Alternatively, try the Logitech ‘Scripting and SDK’ forum.