Slideshow Pro

SlideshowTurn your watch into a miniature picture gallery or image carousel! You can have up to 24 images of your family, friends, pets, ID cards (etc) just a twist of the wrist away.

Each image can have a caption, and the slideshow can be advanced automatically or manually. The time and date can be displayed, and can be coloured and positioned differently for each picture.

To get started, open the Slideshow Settings page on the Fitbit app on your phone or tablet. Be aware that image transfers can take a minute or more, and may not be possible at all on Windows 10.

Some settings can also be adjusted on the watch. To access these, long-touch the screen, or press the upper right side button (if available), while the slideshow is playing.

Slideshow Pro costs US$1 (plus local taxes) after a  48-hour trial period.

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How come my image won't transfer to my watch?

Unfortunately, Fitbit's file transfer code is notoriously unreliable and slow. It can take several minutes for a slide to be transmitted, so you do need to be patient.

The process seems to be more reliable if the app is running on the watch before trying to send images. If the watch app hasn't received any images yet, it should say 'No Images' when it's ready to receive them.

If a file transfer is interruped part way through, there's a chance that the Slideshow app will be left in an invalid state. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixex this (sorry!).

Worse, sometimes the Fitbit app itself gets clogged with file transfers, requiring it to be restarted and/or having its data deleted.

Where can I find more info about payment for this app?

Payment is handled by K-pay. They have a FAQ here.