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Prepare to have your brain strained…

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Hypermaze is an Android app that lets you navigate though mazes that have four or more dimensions. Get it here!

You control a four-dimensional ship that’s trapped in a four-dimensional maze. You view the maze through one or more cameras, each of which can provide a 2D or 3D image. You can point each camera in a different direction—including in different dimensions (eg, you can have one camera viewing x,y,z and another viewing x,w,v).

Moving is simple and intuitive: just touch a camera image to move in the direction in which the camera is pointing. To rotate your ship, swipe across a camera image. When you move or rotate, all of the camera images will update simultaneously.


  • Virtually unlimited number of maze designs
  • Isn’t limited to four dimensions: can go up to seven!*
  • Can show one, two, four* or six* camera images
  • Head-Up Display (HUD) and instrument panel to help you navigate
  • In-game tutorials and help pages
  • On-line leaderboards and achievements
  • Game progress saved on-line for easy transfer across devices

* with in-app purchase

See the video demo on youtube.

See more screenshots in the Google play store.


Get it on Google Play

Hypermaze can be installed from the Google Play Store. It requires Android 3.0 or more, and runs on phones and tablets.

Coming Soon

  • More multi-player challenges (eg, quests and races)
  • More customisation options (eg, use your own pictures on maze walls)
  • More navigation aids (maps, etc)
  • Cheats


Hypermaze has to draw multiple independent images simultaneously, weaker devices won’t get great frame rates and/or may not be able to handle very large mazes. Verify that your device can handle Hypermaze before buying any in-app purchases.

Privacy Policy

Hypermaze makes use of the following on-line services:

  • Game Progress. If you log in to Google Play, your game progress (statistics, achievements and leaderboard positions) is saved to Google servers using your Google account. Your game progress does not include any personal information. You can opt out of this by not signing in.
  • Purchases. Google Play is used to process and keep track of any in-app purchases you make. These are linked to your Google account. You can avoid this by not making any in-app purchases.
  • Advertisements. Advertisements are served using Google’s AdMob service. Hypermaze does not otherwise contribute to the data collection Google undertakes to provide advertising services. You can avoid this by purchasing No Advertisements from the Extras screen.
  • Software Problems. The Google Analytics service is used to assist with the identification of software problems. No personal information is transferred.

Hypermaze does not collect any personally-identifiable information. Gondwana Software does not undertake any data collection nor pass your data on to third parties, except to the minimum extent required to allow use of the Google services listed above.

Hypermaze requires the following permissions (access) to run:

  • Full network access: required to serve ads.
  • Google Play billing service: required to allow purchase of extras (in-app purchases).
  • Google Play license check: required to allow purchase of extras (in-app purchases).
  • View network connections: required to serve ads.


Support is provided at the Hypermaze Google+ Community.

You can contact Gondwana Software here.