‘Contact (No Links)’ is a very simple email contact form. Its primary characteristic is that it prevents spam by disallowing the posting of links. It does not support any additional forms of spam prevention; eg, CAPTCHAs or concrete5’s spam detection services.

If there is a legitimate need for clients to send links, either arrange for this to be done in a subsequent email, or use concrete5’s built-in ‘Form’ block.

Unlike concrete5’s ‘Form’ block, ‘Contact (No Links)’ does not retain a copy of the information submitted.

Notes for Developers/Assessors

In addition to HTML-formatted links, ‘Contact (No Links)’ checks for several forms of markdown and BBCode. Checks are conducted client-side (for responsiveness and reduced server load) and server-side (in case a spammer manages to bypass the client-side checks).

The tests used to detect links are not intended to verify that URLs are correctly formed; nor do they check for all possible TLDs. They merely aim to ascertain whether the text contains anything that is probably a link and not just English text. False positives are possible but should not occur in normal use.

The email sent by this block is HTML-formatted via the mail/no_link_contact_form.php template. This can be customised by hand.

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